Saturday, July 31

Herbal remedies for hair loss

A pioneer in Ayurvedic hair treatment, Neeta Gosalia has been practising herbal treatment for the past 33 years, and has established many outlets worldwide.

While lustrous, healthy hair is a source of pride for men and women alike, many are forced to battle an array of hair problems.

Neeta introduced her corrective formulas after years of research. Commonly encountered hair dilemmas among clients include hair loss, premature greying, hereditary baldness, male pattern baldness, alopecia areata (also known as patchy baldness), and dandruff.

Research has shown that stress is a vital factor in determining hair condition. A poor hair care regime, climate changes, lifestyle and diet also contributes to the loss of hair growth. It is very important to ascertain what kind of hair you have, and then look after it in a manner that is specific to you as an individual.

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