Wednesday, April 7

Spice it up! A guide to using herbs for cooking

Cooking with herbs is an easy way to infuse a recipe with flavour.

Many people have herbs in their gardens or on their kitchen ledge but don’t use them to their full potential. They are sometimes forgotten about and not much is done with their herb garden. So get picking, learn about drying herbs, and of course, get cooking.

Head culinary artist from Granny Mouse Country House & Spar Theo Mannie, has shared below delicious recipes on how you can use herbs in cooking.

Thyme infused panna cotta with gin berries

Serves: 6


200ml cream

200ml milk

7g gelatine powder

3tbsp water

50g honey

1tsp vanilla extract

2tbsp thyme sprigs

Gin berries

50ml Bombay Sapphire Gin

300g frozen raspberries

50g sugar

1tsp thyme

50g cucumber skin and seeds removed & cut into cubes


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