Wednesday, April 7

Herbal Wellness And Oven Treats

“When I first started in herbalism, every single teacher that I knew, every person I knew that was at the top of herbalism–and farming, was white”

This week on our show we visit with Shanna Hughey, also known as Medicine Mija of Wild Mint Apothecary. She talks about growing food and medicinal herbs and how her herbal practice connects her with her ancestors and with People of Color around the globe.

And we talk with the owners and bakers of Two Sticks Bakery, and share a few recipes suitable for Valentine’s day treats.

Wild Mint Apothecary

In August of 2020, I had the chance to tour the garden of Shanna Hughey on Bloomington’s Westside. The air was thick and warm, and the garden was winding down from a bountiful season.

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