Wednesday, April 7

Learn to grow herbal tea garden right inside your home

Advertisement of herbal elixirs to herbal drinks has become a common phenomenon these days. From Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, suddenly there has been a lot of conversation about herbal or wellness tea. In fact, various celebrities have also been talking and sharing about their newly found love for these teas. Though tea culture is not new, then why suddenly there’s so much discussion about it? 
“In these tough times of the pandemic, irrespective of financial or social status, people have learnt the importance of time and self-reliance. The focus has shifted from luxury or extravagance to necessity and something that is easily accessible. There is increased awareness about maintaining good health and improving your immunity, not just to fight a particular virus, but to have a healthy lifestyle in general,” says Atharva Chitale, Co-founder, My Homestead Agriculture Services LLP. 

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