Saturday, July 31

Lemon Herb Veal Chop

Succulent veal chops are pan-fried then finished in the oven for the perfect degree of doneness! A simple lemon herb sauce surrounds each veal chop so that each bite is melt-in-your mouth delicious! This meal is worthy of any special occasion!

I’m proud to have partnered with the Ohio Beef Council to bring you this recipe.

The first time I ever tried veal was in college. A group of guy friends decided to cook for all their female friends. They set up an elaborate long table in the living room of their house and they spent the entire day cooking. If memory serves me, the guys prepared veal scallopini…and it was delicious! Much better than expected, considering it was cooked by a bunch of college kids!

My friends made a very big deal about the whole evening and so now I associate veal with special occasions.

Lemons for Lulu has the full recipe!