Monday, September 27

Gardening expert shares how to deter pests using ‘natural’ methods – ‘knock them off!’

Mr Plant Geek AKA Michael Perry is Rowse Honey’s gardening expert. Michael spoke exclusively to about how to deter pests from the garden using “natural” methods. Pests like aphids, slugs and snails can wreak havoc in even the most well-maintained gardens.

Keeping them at bay will ensure your plants remain happy and healthy.

To help deter pests, Mr Plant Geek recommended encouraging wildlife to regularly visit your garden.

He said: “If you’re attracting lots of different wildlife into your garden then you’re going to create a really good ecosystem.

“If you’ve got slugs for example, and if you’ve got lots of birds that are being attracted to the garden then potentially they’re going to feed on the slugs.”