Saturday, July 31

Helen Chesnut’s Garden Notes: Aromatic Mediterranean herbs are drought tolerant

Dear Helen: What herbs or other plants would you suggest for spaces in my plot of lavender and oregano? There is very little water available here for the garden. Plants I add to the space will have to be as drought tolerant as the lavender and oregano.


Why not stick with the aromatic Mediterranean herbs which, along with lavender and oregano, include rosemary, thyme, and sage? All thrive in lean, dryish soil, full sun, and warmth. All are drought tolerant once established in a garden.

These herbs are available in many varieties and plant sizes. You can choose from among purple, golden, tricolor (white, pink and green), and dwarf sage. Honey Melon sage has a wonderful pineapple scent and edible red flowers that attract and feed hummingbirds.

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