Saturday, July 31

Top five upcycle ideas for backyard vegetable gardens

This emerging trend is now making its way to the garden, with more Aussies getting creative with old household belongings to create their own unique veggie patch.

“Not only does upcycling your old items save unnecessary waste making its way into landfill, it can also save you money,” says Narelle Peart from Scotts Performance Naturals.

“There are items that may surprise you lying around the house that, with a little love and care can make a standard backyard unique.”

For those looking to get creative, Narelle has compiled her top five upcycling ideas for the backyard veggie garden:

Colander hanger: If you have an old colander you’re no longer using, try turning it into a mini hanging garden. Colander hangers give your veggie garden a rustic look and are great for showing off those delicious strawberries or tumbling tomatoes.

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