Saturday, July 31

Plant power: why demand for traditional herbal remedies is booming

Just a handful of businesses have boomed through lockdown – Netflix, Joe Wicks, your local bike shop, online sex toys. Medicinal herbs have also emerged even stronger and healthier. Between January and May, UK online searches for herbs associated with building immunity or fighting flu – andrographis, for example – rose by 200 per cent over the same months last year.

For Sebastian Pole, master herbsmith and co-founder of Pukka Herbs, lockdown has been busier than ever – meeting this surge while simultaneously moving 130 staff out of Pukka’s head office to work from home. On top of this, there’s his private practice – Pole has been treating his own patients for 22 years and the pandemic has generated a stream of requests for herbal remedies to boost immunity, reduce anxiety and ward off insomnia.

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