Monday, September 27

35 Mint Recipes That Prove Fresh Herbs Are Everything

PSA: Growing your own herb garden (even a tiny one on the windowsill) will change your life. Fresh herbs add so much flavor to a variety of dishes and having them at your disposal 24/7 is never a bad thing. The first herb you should plant? Mint. It’s easy to grow, hard to kill and will make your whole house smell divine. It offers freshness to yogurt dips and cool spreads, herbaceous flavor to meat dishes and salads and zippy brightness to decadent desserts and cocktails. Here are 35 mint recipes that will make you wish you’d been growing it for years.

1. Spring Pea Soup with Mint

Pea soup has a reputation for being sort of one-note. But this pea soup is determined to prove the haters wrong with its bounty of aromatics and three different types of fresh herbs.

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