Saturday, July 31

The Great Herbs: Flowers with two colors

Writer Zhang Bangji from ancient China’s Song Dynasty (960-​1279) narrated a story about using honeysuckles to treat wild mushroom poisoning in his work “Mo Zhuang Man Lu.”

During the Song Dynasty in 1100s, several monks at Baiyun Temple in Tianping Mountain gathered a basket of wild mushrooms from the mountain to cook. However, the wild mushrooms were poisonous, and the monks experienced vomiting and diarrhea after the meal. One of the monks went up the mountain to pick honeysuckles to try to detoxify, and surprisingly, monks who took the honeysuckles survived.

In addition to its detoxifying effects, honeysuckle has also been recorded in ancient books as having a cosmetic effect. In the “Secret History of Empress Dowager Cixi’s Private Life” written by De Ling, Cixi would apply distilled honeysuckle half an hour before going to bed to moisturize the skin and beautify the face.