Monday, September 27

Martin Lewis meets family who saves hundreds on groceries by finding food in the forest

Regularly visiting supermarkets is something we all need to do, but buying groceries does not come cheap.

While many retailers will constantly update offers in stores to help Britons save, food can be one of the biggest expenses of a family.

Growing your own fruits and vegetables can be a simple way to cut the cost of fresh produce.

One family has taken that a step further as they source most of their own meals.

Mum Yuki explained she lives a “rich life” by foraging food for her family.

Yuki, 48, from Surrey, stated she will avoid visiting supermarkets as much as possible.

“My passion is you don’t have to spend a lot to eat really well and live like a King,” she said.

Martin added that Yuki would save money by foraging around in the local area for food she could turn into family meals.

She focused on items such as nettles, herbs and nuts.

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