Monday, September 27

Home-grown herbs are best for fragrance and flavour

Every garden needs herbs.Even if you never cook, sage, rosemary and so many other herbs could greatly enrich your planting. Lavenders, thymes and oregano are as pretty and fragrant as the finest garden plants.

Home-grown herbs also taste better than supermarket products. Dried herbs could never beat the complex, subtle flavours of fresh parsley, tarragon or basil.

Newly chopped spearmint couldn’t be less like the sugary gunk in jars.

Herbs are easy to grow, especially in a sunny garden. The most common are fully hardy. A few, such as basil and coriander are tender. But they’re easy to raise from seed.

If you grow basil, you could make and store your own pesto. Sow coriander and you can enjoy the fresh, citrussy leaves. Pretty pink flowers follow, then the uniquely flavoured seeds ripen. They’re great for pickling spice or curries.

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