Saturday, July 31

Gardening expert says herbs will rot in ‘double time’ if you don’t follow key drainage tip

Herbs are a great way to add colour, texture and a pleasant scent to your garden. They’re also a perfect accompaniment to a plethora of summer dishes. However, many Britons believe that you need a garden to grow herbs, but gardening expert Matt James has explained how this isn’t the case.

In a 2013 video for Waitrose & Partners, Matt shared how you can plant herbs using bags, baskets and containers.

He said the attractive plant bed will see you through the year.

While sharing his technique, Matt also shared a “key thing to remember when growing herbs” or risk them rotting more quickly.

Matt said: “Herbs aren’t just great for the garden. You can grow them in containers too.

“Now obviously you can grow them in individual containers.

“Alternatively, how about something like this.

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