Saturday, July 31

A Comprehensive Guide to Oregano: How to Grow, Prune, Dry, and Store the Herb

Here’s how to grow, prune,dry, and store oregano. Oregano is easy to maintainand can be grown inside or out.

Be sure to plant your herb in an area withlots of sun for its best chance to flourish. If you live in a naturally warm climate,set your oregano plants up in anarea with some shade.

Take your sprouted plants or clippings andspace them 8-to- 10-inches apart, and ensurethat they have well-drained but moist soil.

Once your oregano plants reacharound four-inches in height,they’re ready to be pruned. Prune oregano using extrasharp kitchen scissors.

Dry your herbs by hanging them up withtwine in a shaded area of your home.

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