Wednesday, April 7

Kratom Leaves: Medicinal Plants That Have Psychotropic Effects

Not everyone knows about kratom, even though it is often used in West Kalimantan. Kratom is a type of tree found in several countries in Southeast Asia, including Malaysia, Myanmar, and Thailand.

Kratom has the Latin name Mitragyna speciosa, from the Rubiaceae family. In Indonesia, it is known as purik leaf or ketum. It has long been used as a pain reliever herbal medicine. It can be eaten raw, brewed as a tea, or turned into kratom capsules, tablets, powders, and liquids. However, recently kratom has begun to be abused as a drug because of its effects similar to opium and cocaine.

Usually, chewing raw kratom leaves is done to produce energy as if you consume caffeine. Or as a traditional medicine for various diseases, such as diarrhea to treat pain in the body.

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